The Universal Language

11 de maio de 2018 0 Por Sofia

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Music is a universal language that everyone accepts as something that we all need to realize is something that is very important to all of our lives, and whether we realize it or not the music that we listen to will definitely shape the types of people that we become in the future because a lot of really good music is more than just sounds and music but it is also motivational and can change people in positive and negative ways, and of course this type of vibration which all sound is will have a unique energy to it that will go into your mind and create that energy within your ears, and that is exactly why the music that you listen to shapes you not just mentally, but also physically through the physical vibrations and energy that it is casting off into your body.

It’s true and it is scientific of course, but music has the ability to change people on a whole variety of levels and we must all understand how this works so that we can have a better idea of who we are as individuals and that can potentially go a really long way once we start to put two and two together and listen to music with purpose for ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with. Now for the most part we are not here in this website to just talk about music, we are here to talk about drummers, and we are not going to be talking about just any drummers but in fact the most world renowned drummers of all time, and I think you might even be really surprised to know that there really are a ton of different drummers out there who have a ton of great experience and music to share with all of us, and these drummers definitely have the ability to help shape all of us in great ways, and that is just part of what has made this list of people the most world renowned drummers because you can not become world renowned without making an emotional impact on your audience, and all of these drummers definitely have done that throughout their careers and that is just part of what has made them so very special and a part of this list that is all about the most world renowned drummers in the entire globe, and within the entire blogosphere as well.

So the next drummer that we are going to talk about is a really special musician who was a part of one of the best rock and roll bands of all time, and we are talking about Neil Peart from the Canadian band called Rush, have you heard of them? Well, Rush is definitely a really unique band and Peart was one of those guys way back when with a gigantic drum set that was definitely cutting edge, and his ability to do very complex beats and then jam out completely on his own in the middle of a show and just keep the audience going crazy is a big part of how Peart became to be world renowned. Of course the music of Rush is very fast paced and requires a really good drummer to keep the rhythm together and cohesive with the rest of the band, and Peart was really one of the only guys who was able to take on such a challenge head on and then make it his own and do amazing things along the entire process. This is something that a lot of us might understand to be interesting for a lot of people and I think Peart is definitely the type of person who came really far throughout his career, put in the effort and definitely got a lot out of his time as a professional drummer with Rush because now he is still considered to be one of the best drummers of all time.

Another awesome drummer that I want to talk about really quickly in this particular article is Questlove, and although Questlove was not from rock and roll and actually is in the hip hop genre he was definitely able to create awesome beats through live drum sets and he definitely changed the game for a lot of other hip hop musicians by making live beats to rap on top of, and that is something that only Questlove and a few others are extremely good at doing. Of course live instruments and rap most of the time don’t mix, but Questlove made it work out and he definitely gets the credibility of being world renowned now that he made it work for him in big ways.

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