John Fishman

11 de maio de 2018 0 Por Sofia

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Now of course so far we have been talking about music in general and there is definitely a lot that we can talk about in terms of what music is and how it shapes all of our lives on a daily if not hourly basis, and that is what is so cool about music is that it has the ability to manipulate our emotions and that is part of why it is the most powerful form of art in the world, and of course it is really fun for the most part and that’s pretty chill too.

But yes, we are here to talk about music and in particular we are here to talk about drummers and to be in particular about drummers we are going to talk about the best drummers of all time, and this is something that we all should be very concerned or at least entertained by because when it comes down to it we all have the ability to change the world through music and some of the best drummers in the world have done so through their awesomeness and that is really fascinating to learn more about and it is something that all of us should definitely consider more when it comes down to what music we want to listen to because as a lot of us already know the drummer kind of makes the band and can also break a band as well, so if we are going to learn more about the best drummers ever then we are also going to learn more about the best groups ever, and that is something that will always be consistent because the drummers in certain groups are the life force of the group and a lot of times seen as the heart and soul of a band.

I think that a lot of drummers are the most eclectic person in a group a lot of the time, and I think when it comes to a drummer who definitely embodies what a band is all about I have to think about John Fishman, who happens to be the drummer in the band Phish who has become one of the best shows in the country if not the world and they have been voted as the biggest band in the United States and for good reason. The thing about Fishman that makes him so famous as a drummer is that he seriously wears the same dress on stage for every show, and this has become this really awesome tradition amongst Phish fans everywhere and of course Phish has definitely blown up because of the whole band as a whole but John Fishman is definitely the heart and soul of Phish and you can just tell by looking at the name of the band and how closely it relates to its drummer. The drumming in Phish is also really important because they improvise for just about every live song, and so the drummer is always one step ahead of the curve and is dictating the entire flow of the show, and that is really important because the live show itself is all about timing and John Fishman has mastered the art of timely drumming like no other drummer has ever done before him.

Another really awesome drummer who has become world renown is Alex Van Halen, and I think it goes without saying which band he was in, but of course he was the drummer in the very famous rock band Van Halen, and that is something that a lot of people don’t even realize, and he was definitely the type of drummer who also dictated the flow of the shows and definitely had a lot of personality on stage as well as off the stage. But yes, Alex Van Halen was very eccentric and a just all around awesome drummer who changed a lot in the 80s on what it means to be a rock and roll drummer, and he definitely showcased a lot of flamboyance for a drummer, but of course it was the 80s and everything and everyone was being flamboyant.