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Drummers are and will always be a major part of what makes a band really great, and I think everyone who has seen a really good drummer knows that there is a lot going on with this instrument and it actually is a really difficult instrument to play very well and keep the timing of a show cohesive with the rest of the band mates and that is definitely the type of drummer that you want in your group, and for the most part we all understand that the drummers are the types of people in the show and a band who keeps the rhythm and beat and overall flow of a song going, and of course they all know all about an audience enjoying a song or a flow, and of course we are going to be talking about world renowned drummers and all types of drummers from different genres who have gotten really famous and done really well for themselves throughout their careers.

I mean, if you really think about it making it on to a list kind of like this one that we are talking about right now is definitely a lot easier said than done, and the truth of the matter is that all of these drummers definitely went through a lot of pain and hardships just to be able to get to this point where they don’t necessarily have to worry about making money because they are already famous and so on, but of course there is a lot to be said about drummers like this and that is why you are in the right place if you like the drums and drummers in general because what we are about to do is talk about the best drummers of all time and the most world renowned drummers out there now and throughout history, and that technically means that we are going to be talking about some of the very best of the best, and there is always something to learn from the best of the best and that is exactly why so many people look up to the types of drummers that we are about to go deep into talking about right now.

The next world renowned drummer that we are going to talk about is named Tony Williams, and this is the type of drummer who plays with guys like Miles Davis and is just an all around killer on the drums who got a lot of respect from some of the biggest names in all of jazz music and that is definitely something that is really special in terms of getting recognition on this type of list because we are not all about rock and roll we are just all about really good drumming, and people like Tony Williams just get it because this is the type of guy who came from nothing and then became world renown and he came up in a time when really chilled out vibes and good drumming was really important to get people dancing and jiving back in the 60s and 70s and really got soul music going, and that is really cool because soul music has a lot of fun drumming in it so it is definitely something that we should all respect Tony Williams for and give him the credit where credit is due and say that Williams is definitely the type of drummer who is one of the best of all time and definitely world renown.

The next really cool drummer that has become world renown is Chuck Biscuits and I think he is partly so popular because of his crazy name, but still this guy definitely has a lot of skills and rocks out harder than just about any drummer on earth can, and that is just exactly why he has made this list of being world renown, and that is really special because we have to make sure that we are all on the same page as we prepare this type of list and everyone was on the same page that Chuckie Biscuits should be on a list like this.