Do You Really Like Music

11 de maio de 2018 0 Por Sofia

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Everyone in the entire world really likes listening to music, and it’s really just a part of human nature at this point in our history to just really enjoy dancing and rocking out as much as possible. Maybe it is the feelings that we all get when we dance around and let chemicals and drugs to their effects in our brains as we continue to dance and release serotonin and other happy chemicals that will make us want to just go crazy and have as much fun as possible, and what is so cool about this feeling is that we all are getting this emotional response from the music, because that is really the point of the music is to elicit this type of emotional response that makes you want to jump around and have a good time.

Maybe it is a little sadistic, but who really cares if you’re having the time of your life? Well, maybe your local priest may not be the most impressed with everything that you have inside of your body when you are at your next rock and roll concert, and that is just the cold hard facts, but you can do whatever you want and if you want to do drugs then by all means go ahead and do drugs and rock out, but just make sure you do so responsibly so you don’t go out and over dose and then end up in the hospital or even worse, dead. Now that may seem kind of extreme but the truth of the matter is that a lot of people especially in recent years have been dying at huge concerts, and maybe that is because they are not necessarily going to these shows for the music, and that is the worst thing you can do at a concert because the main reason why you should be there is to experience the concert and have a good time, and not to get sucked into a bunch of stupid shit and get way too fucked up, but of course a lot of us have been there and it’s simply not the best way to go because you will just end up not being your same self and you won’t end up enjoying the concert as much as you probably would otherwise.


Now we are not here to talk about the dark side of rock and roll because all that shit is super depressing we are here today to talk about the best world renowned drummers that have made their names and their cases as some of the best drummers in the world. I think although everyone really remembers the lead singers and lead guitarists of bands because they are kind of the front men of the show and everything, but the drummers are arguably the most important part of the band from the performer’s perspective and that is because everything really spreads out from the rhythm of the drums.

The drums are always dictating where the guitarist will go next especially in an all out improvisation jam, and that is really important because the best drummers of all time and the most renowned drummers in the world are all about going with the flow and improvising during their live performances, and that is the thing that is going to make these drummers and their groups a lot better performers in general and that all comes back to the drummer. So if you are the type of person who really likes bands and rock music then you have definitely come to the right place, and if you just so happen to be a drummer or into drumming a lot then you definitely are in an awesome website online because we are going to be talking about the most renowned drummers in the world, and we’re going to seriously go into a lot of in depth detail about some of these guys, and the first drummer that we are going to talk about is the very famous Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee is the kind of rock star who gets laid a lot and just jams out in a whole bunch of different ways on the drums, and he definitely is an all out attack type of drummer who will completely take over a show and do something outrageous on stage just to be that guy who does the most crazy thing you have ever seen at a show, and that is just what it is al about for Tommy Lee who was the quintessential 80s rock star in his group Motley Crue, and of course Lee definitely got laid a bunch as he became famous making the sex tape with Pamela Anderson years later.