Different Styles

11 de maio de 2018 0 Por Sofia

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When it comes to music I think there are a lot of different styles and tastes that so many people have come to change within themselves as the type of people and what makes them who they are, and I think music will always be the type of thing that will really shape a person in to the person that they are, and the type of music that you enjoy definitely says a lot about you, and I think that is why couples and people who enjoy spending time with each other a lot of the time have really similar tastes in music because that is something that they both enjoy doing tremendously and it is always something that they will have in common, so what I am really trying to say about music is that music and the tastes that a lot of people have in music is the type of thing that really makes someone who they are, and for the most part it is a big part of our personality. Now of course you might be into other types of music, but they type of music that we are primarily going to be talking about through all of these articles is rock and roll, and primarily the drummers that are within a lot of the greatest rock and roll groups.

Now of course we have nothing against hip hop and other classical or electronic music that has gotten very popular in recent years, there’s nothing wrong with this type of music, and we will mention some hip hop drummers shortly, but of course rock and roll is the genre in which instruments and real life concert performances are emphasized the most, and this is partly what makes rock and roll one of the most popular genres of music especially when it comes to live performances.

Now I am definitely trying to stay politically correct, but for the most part I really don’t give a shit because these articles technically are for the rock community and that carelessness towards others is kind of what has made rock and roll such an awesome genre of music over the years. So if you are a big rock and roll fan or maybe you just really like reading about music, or maybe even you are a drummer yourself and you are wondering who the best drummers of all time are, well my friend I must admit that you have just so happened to stumble upon a really interesting website that is all about the most world renowned drummers of all time, and that means we are definitely going to be talking about some really talented drummers so keep reading and rock on!

The next drummer that we are going to talk about is actually not from the rock and roll genre but is actually a jazz drummer, and do you see what we did just there, that’s how you diversify your lists, because the next guy is named Max Roach and was probably one of the best jazz drummers of all time and is definitely world renowned. Of course he was playing and was famous in a time before rock and roll, but still jazz drummers have always been really talented and have been some of the best drummers with a different style than a lot of other rock and roll drummers, and this is part of what has made people like Max Roach the type of drummers that can really bring it and start new revolutions in music like the jazz movement back in the 1940s that really got popular and eventually lead into the rock and roll age.